My passion is public health. Helping FQHCs be successful is my business.


About Jill

When I started as the CEO of a Federally Qualified Health Center, the business was struggling to attract new patients, hire high-quality clinicians, find qualified clinical leaders, meet the 330 grant requirements, and bring in revenue to keep the doors open.

You might be experiencing the same challenges with your health center. You might be new to your position and unsure where to start or what to prioritize. Maybe you’ve been there for a long time, but you want to scale up or pare down services. I can completely relate!

I served as the CEO of PureView Health Center, an FQHC in Helena, East Helena, and Lincoln, MT for more than 8 years. I left that position in February 2023 to help my son through some health issues.

I am passionate about helping FQHCs succeed. 

That’s why I offer executive and leadership coaching services. I also have developed resources specifically designed for FQHC leaders in mind. Whether it is my Leadership Development Program, my Clinician Leadership Academy, or my Performance Accelerator Program, you can be guaranteed that I took my years of experience running a health center and mentoring clinical leaders to know exactly what it takes to get your health center thriving again.

I’ll focus on supporting you while you focus on delivering high-quality care to your communities.

What I accomplished during my time as CEO:

  • Successful rebrand campaign in 2015
  • Launched a very successful marketing campaign in 2015
  • Doubled the number of unique patients
  • Recovered the organization from a nearly $1 Million deficit to having nearly $5 Million in reserves
  • Tripled the capacity of our services by attracting high-quality primary care providers, dentists, hygienists, counselors, psychiatrists, and clinical pharmacists
  • Opened 2 onsite pharmacies (340b and non-340b)
  • Grew the annual revenue by 5x
  • Partnered with a developer to build a clinic site in downtown Helena
  • Became one of the first health centers in the country to get 100% on an Operational Site Visit
  • Successfully separated the health center from the county to become a private non-profit
  • Opened 3 new sites including a school-based health center
  • Stood up a drive-thru community COVID-19 testing and vaccination center, one of the first in Montana
  • Led the staff through a global pandemic without any layoffs
  • Received the Employer of Choice Award for large businesses in our area in 2023

Jill's Credentials

Masters of Public Health Degree

Bachelor of Business Management Degree

Certified Balanced Scorecard Facilitator

Certified Key Performance Indicator Trainer

Leadership Montana Alumni

Helena’s 20 under 40

I help health centers be successful in five different ways

Services designed to focus on the success of you and your team, and increasing your health center’s profitability and success in delivering quality care to your community.

Leadership Team Development Program

Trainings designed specifically for your leadership team

A structured monthly program designed to teach your leadership team the critical leadership skills needed to create a culture that attracts a high quality workforce, inspires good people to stay, and motivates teams to be more productive than they've ever been.


Clinician Leadership Academy

Leadership Training for Health Center Clinical Leaders

Clinicians go to school to learn how to take care of patients, not lead teams and manage departments. This 6-week digital course offers self-paced leadership skills training, practical tools to make their job easier, and live coaching calls with me to guarantee a clinical leader's success and happiness in their position. And, probably most importantly, connection with other health center clinical leaders across the country in an exclusive, private community.


Performance Accelerator Program

Performance Management System Implementation

FQHC’s have endured a lot of changes since the pandemic. The strategies they used before don’t work anymore. They’re losing providers, facing workforce challenges, and losing patients. FQHCs need a formalized performance management system to ensure everyone is operating from the same playbook, is working toward the same organizational vision and goals, and is managing their team with the same set of values and standards.


1:1 and Group Coaching & Consulting

Individual and Group Coaching Sessions

I bring nearly 10 year’s worth of knowledge of running a highly successful health center to the table and help leaders with: confidence, support and encouragement, providing quality patient care while managing a budget, managing their peers, motivating a high performing team, attracting new (privately insured) patients, setting and hitting Key Performance Indicators, writing department strategic plans to get on the path to success, scaling-up and increasing capacity to see more patients and when to close down a site and repurposing those


CEO Community

Come for the Content, Stay for the Community

It’s lonely at the top. As the CEO of an FQHC you have to juggle the demands of the health center, the community and the funders. You have to build a strong workforce, increase revenue, and meet all of the regulatory requirements all while operating on a very tight margin. Thankfully, you're not alone. Join our exclusive community that offers a private place to be vulnerable with your peers, live coaching with two FQHC CEOs, and, most importantly, connection with health center CEOs across the country.



Gain 1,000 New Unique Patients in One Year

All health centers could use more patients, and I successfully attracted 1,000 new patients to my health center year after year using my 4-part framework. You can get my strategies for free by downloading this workbook.


I help FQHC leaders go from frustrated, overwhelmed, and insecure to confident, competent, and happy in their positions. Happy leaders are leaders that stay.

  • FQHC CEO Community
  • Clinician Leadership Academy Digital Course
  • Leadership Team Development Program
  • Performance Accelerator Program
  • 1:1 and Group Coaching

My service packages help you where and when you need it.
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